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Outdoor - Lakeland Tables
Outdoor - Lakeland Seating
Outdoor - Outdoor Settle
Outdoor - Alloy Tables
Outdoor - Alloy Chairs
Outdoor - Accessories
Seating - Classical Seating
Outdoor - Picnic Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Coffee Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Dining Chairs
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Dining Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Lounge Chairs & Sofas
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Sideboards & Dumb Waiters
Shabby Sheep - 1940's Other
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Dining Chairs
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Dining Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Lounge Chairs & Sofas
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Coffee Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Sideboards & Dumb Waiters
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Other
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Dining Chairs
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Dining Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Coffee Tables
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Sideboards & Dumb Waiters
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Other
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Lounge Seats, Sofas & Settles
Shabby Sheep - 1990's Stools & Poseur Furniture
Shabby Sheep - 1960/70's Low Stools & Bar Stools
Shabby Sheep - Special Finishes
New Range - Armchairs
New Range - Sidechairs
New Range - Lounge Chairs
New Range - Tub Chairs

New brilliant tub chairs

New Range - Tables
New Range - Stools
New Range - Sofas
Cast Iron Range - Tables
Cast Iron Range - Stools
Special Finishes
Outdoor - New Seating
Outdoor - New Tables
Outdoor - New Table and Chair Sets
Bar Stools & Bar Chairs
Low Stools
Poseur Tables
Lounge Chairs
Tub Chairs
Stacking Furniture
Coffee Tables
Fixed Seating

Sofa Style Seating

We supply either fixed or modular seating in keeping with your
current design.

All fixed and modular seating is produced in a large range
of colours, materials, styles and sizes.

All of the seating can be built on site, or manufactured in our factory. 


  Fabric Back with Leather Seat  Settle Seating  Leather Button Back Seating

FLAT Technology (Self Levelling Tables)

A Firm Footing For Nearly Everything
FLAT®'s patented technology is unique. It is incorporated into products at the design stage, so manufacturers aren't stuck with a clumsy, bolt-on afterthought.

Put simply, FLAT® is a remarkable levelling and stabilizing technology. A series of interconnected actuators or feet communicate information about the surface conditions below via multi lumen tubes to the FLAT smart system resulting in constant stability for the table no matter how often its location is altered.

All objects manufactured with FLAT® will find their level on any uneven surface - instantly, with the applications load distributed perfectly over each foot.

New Naples Range

 New Weave Effect  -  Competitive Prices  -  UV Protected 
Maintenance Free!

These non-metallic frames will never unravel, rust or decay, making them ideal for outdoor use! Durable weave effect created using resin reinforced with glass fibre.

Brunel Range Chairs
Brunel Range Stools
Brunel Range Tables
Brand New Products
Beach Range

New Beach Range

Billi Range

Billi Range

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